miss moneypenny direct

virtual bilingual executive assistant and project management services




Wall2time, a French e-commerce company was launched in 2008, mmpd have been working with them

from the very beginining and are responsible for customer service in both the Uk and Germany.


mmpd have supported Bettina Hoy for the past 2 years with assistant services and general support.






Since 2011 mmpd have been responsible for organizing the gala performances for

Theatersport Berlin one of the best know improvisation theatre groups in Berlin

mmpd was involved in the project management for the negotiating, planning and installation of a MRI system

in a leading German university.

mmpd has also represented Hallmarq at various trade fares and veterinary conferences in Germany and

Denmark, we have also carried out research projects and marketing tasks.



mmpd carried out research for a project relating to health

circles in the UK and monitored the results of the resulting

tests done.



mmpd has been working together with Top-Eventers

since 2009. We are responsible for translating into

English the catalogue, website, press releases

etc. on an on going basis.

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